Professore di Storia e Politica Sociale

Doctor en Historia y Política social y Director de la revista La Razón histórica. Profesor de la Universidad de Murcia (España).

In the era of Globalization, different political, social and economic powers build and disseminate a great “globalist” identity, culturally or ethically uniform and plural only in consumer and fashion options, which sought to erase the different and traditional forms of identification (national, territorial or ideological) from the map, in search of a semi-perfect welfare society. But as we will see in the pages of this article, Globalization process of or global acculturation also fail, emerging through the world different identity reactions that question the globalizing consensus, and where the conflict becomes a reality that affects both geopolitical level (with territorial and governmental tensions) as in the daily life of millions of people (and are reflected in elections and mobilizations).

Keywords: Conflict, Globalization, Identity, Nationalisms, Sovereignty, Socialization.

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